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Do You Require In-Situ Crankpin Grinding?

Have you been looking for specialists that offer services for in-situ crankpin grinding? Look no further, you have come to the right place, welcome to Nicol & Andrew. With over half a century of experience behind us, we are firmly established as a world leader in in-situ repair technology and we are by far the best company to turn to whenever you require on-site services. No matter what your reasons may be for needing in-situ crankpin grinding, we will do all we can to help.

Why turn to Nicol & Andrew for in-situ crankpin grinding?

Here at Nicol & Andrew, we can provide a comprehensive range of services for on-site crankpin repairs, including in-situ crankpin grinding, and you can trust that our team will be able to provide you with the assistance you need. Our other crankpin services include everything from the machining and honing of crankpin journals to the rapid inspection of crankpin bearing journal and electron hardness testing. Our team really will be able to carry out the required work on your crankpin and get you back on your way as quickly as possible. 

When you turn to us for help, you can rest assured knowing that our latest range of 3D CAD designed crankpin repair equipment is able to fit nearly every engine type, so we will be able to assist you no matter what services you require. Some of the equipment types with damaged crankpins that we can repair on-site include; diesel engine crankshafts, compressor crankshafts, pump crankshafts, motor crankshafts and steam engine crankshafts. Should you have an unusual engine type, still contact us as we will likely be able to help and we can usually make something to fit it in a very short time.

As you’re probably aware, a bad in-situ repair could scrap an incredibly expensive crankshaft, so don’t enlist the help of anyone else but our expert team here at Nicol & Andrew for the in-situ crankpin grinding services that you need. 

How else can Nicol & Andrew help?

In addition to providing exemplary services for crankpin repairs, we can also offer you a number of other services too. We can assist with a vast range of large diesel engine repairs, crankshaft repairs and journal machining and repairs too. You can find out more about our knowledge base on our website and this will tell you a little bit more about how we’re able to help our customers, whether they’re in the marine, shipping, power generation or steel industry, to name a few. 

If you’d like to find out more about how our team works, you can also read some of the case studies on our ‘news’ page as well. These will give you a useful insight into just how efficient our team can be and how effective our in-situ services are. 

Get in touch with our team 

Should you require any additional information about us as a company or specifically the services for in-situ crankpin grinding that we offer, please feel free to contact us today. You can reach our team by calling 0044 (0)1494 429800 and they will happily discuss things with you further over the phone. Alternatively, you can complete the short enquiry form on our website, filling in all of the required fields, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help in any way we’re able to. We look forward to hearing from you.