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Looking For An Expert Company With In-Situ Milling Machines?

Do you require assistance from a company that provides in-situ engine repairs? There is no better team to reach out to than the Nicol & Andrew team. We are known for providing exemplary on-site services and our innovative in-situ repair experience makes us stand out from other companies. For decades now, we have been supporting businesses in a vast range of industry sectors and you can have assurance knowing our team has the right set of skills and experience required to provide you with quality in-situ milling services

How can Nicol & Andrew assist you?

Here at Nicol & Andrew, our on-site machining specialists are available 365 days a year worldwide.  Our teams are ready to assist you with any breakdown or maintenance needs you may have. Were a company that prides itself on being able to get businesses back up and running as soon as possible and often exceed our timeframe expectations. 

We have versatile and portable milling equipment that’s designed to be bolted, clamped or welded into position. Our in-situ milling machines allow for fast and accurate machining of large areas, and has become the preferred choice for business owners. Our milling machine capabilities are vast, from levelling pump and motor base pads to re-cutting damaged keyways on shafts. Feel free to contact our specialist team with your specific needs.

Why should you use in-situ milling machines?

There are several important benefits associated with using in-situ milling machines not least of which are cost and time. By bringing the repair workshop to you, our expert team can significantly reduce your downtime and sometimes, we can complete the required services with a better turnaround than expected.  At Nicol & Andrew,  being available all year round means we are can provide a service that improves turnaround times and means you won’t have to wait weeks to get your equipment looked at by a specialist.

It’s worth noting that using in-situ milling machines is also faster and cleaner than grinding, and you will still receive a high-quality finish. We pride ourselves on being able to easily achieve flat, level and square faces, and the modular construction of our portable milling machines enables them to be adapted to the environment we’re working in. The power of their hydraulic drives allows us to cater for carbon steel, stainless steels and most alloys too, allowing us to provide comprehensive assistance.

Contact us today 

If you would like to find out more about the in-situ engine maintenance and repair services we provide at Nicol & Andrew, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can call us on 0044 (0)1494 429800 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone. Alternatively, you can complete the enquiry form on our website and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible with any additional information you require. We look forward to assisting you with our tried and tested in-situ milling machines.