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Stern Tube Bore Machining


Briggs Marine— Damen Fast Crew Supplier 2610




Required Tolerances: Ovality within 0.02mm, Alignment within 0.05mm/4 meters, Surface finish Ra 1.6 roughness

Scope of work:

  • Minimum clean up on both bores due to corrosion & re-alignment.
  • Machining 4 Off Stern Tube Bores
  • 133mm O/D x 150mm

Nicol & Andrew had preliminary discussions with Briggs Marine, to understand the full requirements and the level of urgency. Within 24 hours from the point of contact, we completed a full engineering survey for bespoke mounting configuration. Nicol & Andrew undertook the machining of the stern tube bores over the Christmas festive 2023 break.

Nicol & Andrew Onsite Work scope

Once the laser alignment was completed it was understood we needed to correct the alignment from the gearbox to the P bracket. (over 6 meters)

  • Port & Stbd alignments check
  • In-situ line boring of Port & Stbd, Forward and Aft stern tube bores
  • Realignment of Port and Stbd bores in line with gearbox & P Bracket
  • Final Laser alignment checks using Nicol & Andrew Laser alignment equipment


Nicol & Andrew skilled technicians completed all required work scope to the satisfaction of Briggs Marine, All works were completed in 5 Days.