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London Underground (TFL) contacted Nicol & Andrew due to suffering severe wear to a large number of their train coupling slide boxes. They were faced with having to cut them out and weld in new ones at great cost and downtime.

After carrying out a detailed engineering survey Nicol & Andrew were able to propose an In-situ machining solution to repair the damage without that major surgery.

We designed and built a bespoke long-reachmilling machine which mounts onto the end face of the train enabling a machining head to traverse the full length of the worn coupling slide box.

The worn areas were machined back to a flat parallel condition and precision plates were fitted to restore the components back to original OEM dimensions.
This was performed in 4 days start to finish with minor disruption to the trains schedule.

The repaired coupling slide boxes were tested by London Underground and proven to be back to full operational condition.

Coupling Slide Box Machining RepairCoupling Slide Box Machining