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We repair worn or damaged Crankshaft Crankpins, Crankshaft Main Journals, Thrust Faces, and other parts of your Marine or Industrial equipment. These types of repairs are also suited to all kinds of pump shafts, drive shafts and propulsion shafts.


Our in-situ crankpin machining technology enables us to repair failed crankpins by way of our Nicol and Andrew portable Orbital machines which can be used anywhere in the world. Diameters covered from 75mm to 1200mm. Suitable for Diesel Engines and compressors.

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Main Journals

Our in-situ main Journal Grinding is carried out with our highly portable equipment that bridges the damaged Journal and is secured on the entablature Joint face. Grinding of the journal to the next undersize is carried out with the crankshaft slowly rotating on its barring.

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When a crankshaft crankpin is nearing its maximum undersize during a machining repair due to excessive heat hardness. Providing the crankpin journal is proven to be crack-free. Annealing can be performed to remove the hardness, up to 300 HB reduction can be expected and achieved in this highly controlled process.

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Crankshaft Straightening

Where a crankshaft has become bent during a bearing failure causing excessive heat to *pull* the shaft on the webbing. We have vast experience in straightening the crankshaft by a peening method. This again, is entirely carried out with the shaft in place.

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