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Nicol & Andrew have been line boring main bearing pockets, turbine casings, tail shaft bores, rudder bores and industrial equipment bearing housings for decades.

With our latest Laser guided boring equipment, we can now correct even the slightest misalignment problem on every size and range of diesel engines or marine/industrial plant.

Diesel Engine Bedplates

Damaged diesel engine bedplates and entablatures are routinely repaired by our experienced technicians after a catastrophic failure, saving the need for costly replacement. On-site diesel engine repairs can be carried out at sea, alongside or in a dry dock or a power generation plant around the world, by way of Nicol & Andrews precision Line Boring systems.

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Upper and Lower Liner Landings

Your Upper and Lower Liner Landings having suffered damage can be recovered by Nicol & Andrew. We utilise our Line Boring Equipment to repair the landing faces or even oversize the Bores to accept replacement Liner Sleeves.

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Steam, Gas and Hydro Turbine Casings

Whether your needs are to *machine out* existing fitted blades from turbine casings or to modify grooves to accept new, Nicol & Andrew have the equipment and expertise to carry our this demanding work with our proven methods.

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Rudder Stocks / Pintle Bores

Nicol & Andrew perform In-situ Line Boring to a vast array of vessels steering equipment. When Dry Docking reveals badly worn rudder stock & pintle Bores. our versatile Line Boring Systems can be adapted to virtually any diameter and length.

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Stern Tubes

Shipyards worldwide rely on marine large-scale boring and machining capabilities. Our specialized portable line boring tooling is used in the boring of stern tubes of any length and diameter. Whether the job is the machining of two or more bores in-line or the machining of bores at great distances, we have the tooling and expertise to handle it.

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Hinge Pin Bores

Nicol & Andrew regularly carry out Line Boring to Hinge Pin Lines on Roll On Roll Off Ferry Ramp Doors. Whether replacement make-up brushes are introduced or the hinge bores require spiral welding to restore diameters we have the experience and technicians to get the repairs done.

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Coupling Bolt Holes

Flange couplings are a critical part of a rotating machine for power transmission. Coupling flange joint is achieved by calibrated bolts working on shear stress. For this reason, it is important to perform machining on each hole on both flanges together, to get a perfect result in terms of co-axiality, diameter precision and roughness. This process is carried out by special low clearance boring machine..

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