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On-Site Large Diesel Engine Repairs

In-Situ Large Diesel Engine Repairs

Large diesel engines play a huge role world-wide – producing propulsion and power in the marine industry and a means of power generation for industry and homes in many remote areas all over the globe.

In every case where a large diesel engine goes offline due to failure, the most critical factor is to get it back up and running in the least possible time. Damage to:

  • Crankshafts
  • Liner Landings
  • Cracked or Broken Diesel Engine Bedplates and Blocks
  • Entablature Faces
  • Main Bearing Pockets (electroplated and line bored back to original size)

can all be repaired in-situ, often even after a catastrophic failure, and within a greatly reduced timescale, saving the need for costly replacements.

In-situ diesel engine repairs are available during voyage, alongside, during dry-docking or at any land-based site, including power generation plants, world-wide.

We work alongside companies involved with power generation, offshore platforms, the marine industry and many others.

We are often in remote areas of countries like the Sudan, Nigeria and Guinea, so no matter where your engine is located we can go there as required.

Crankpin Repair

Our highly trained technicians carry out machining and polishing of crankshaft crankpins to OEM tolerances and surface finish specifications. 

Line Boring

With our latest Laser-guided boring equipment, we can now correct even the slightest misalignment problem.

Why Clients Use Nicol & Andrew


We Cut Your Downtime

Our orbital repair process means we bring the repair workshop to you. For some repairs, we can get you back running in as little as 12 hours.


We Save You Money

Your equipment does not have to be stripped down and transported or re-assembled. The savings on this alone are very significant.


All Major Industries Served

We are a world leader in in-situ repair technology and on-site repair services. Our worldwide customer base includes companies in the manufacturing, marine power, petrochemical, paper, process, oil and gas industries.